Attention! First of all carefully read the warning!

Dont believe any information about MMM or me personally that can be found online !Never ever ! Dont belive any "expert" or "analysts" and others. All of this is "ordered Fudge" , all of this is a big lie. Wr are fighting against the world's financial system,helping ordinary people breaking the rules and declaring it is expressly.

What is to be expected then? Its only natural they are going to throw all kind of obstacle our way. Have you seen what happened during various election campaign when he decided to go against the rules? Have you seen the river of lies and slander the "fair and independent" media poured down on him? Its about the same thing. Its the best of consider facts. MMM has been around for several days now and has been paying atleast 30% to 150% per month to its participants. Its per month not per year ! Per month ! Even though all economists of world state its largely impossible (its too much) you can not participants that much. It will corrupt them :-)) however this is fact. End of story. Is there anything else to talk about ? Do you still have doubts ? The entire worldwide web is full of thousands and thousands of video by happy participants ! Here is the proof of to crack those allegations. Here is the proof of answer to all experts.

Long story short, dont listen to anyone, just contribute a small amount to see the system as a trail, and you will see it all for youself.

Best of luck ! Team MMM :-))